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                        What is the standard of mask cloth?

                        In modern society, serious pollution, air pollution that masks the rapid development of industry, we all know that dust masks can be bacteria or even anti-virus, but to cover cloth is poorly understood, in order to help everyone have a more clear understanding of the mask, Xiaobian classification and standard medical mask cloth to give you an explanation of the system and with a look.
                        Commonly used medical masks in life include disposable non-woven masks, gauze masks and antiviral masks. The next few are about the disposable non-woven fabric masks, gauze masks and antiviral masks mask material standards and performance.
                        Disposable non-woven mask layer number, generally more than three layers, the main material is non-woven fabric, can achieve isolation of bacteria, dust, and because it is a one-time use, so high safety, no risk of two infection, is a common medical mask.
                        Gauze mask has been used as a type of mask, the main material for gauze, in addition to the application in the field of medical care, in the field of scientific research is also widely used.
                        The anti virus mask is made of non-woven fabric as the main material, and the gas filter layer is placed in the middle of the mask. The filter layer usually adopts the melt blown filter cloth. Besides the protection, the respirator can also play the role of sterilization and sterilization.